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Yael Dryzin, Born in 1986, lives and works in Israel,

graduated Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in 2014.
Her works deal with femininity in modern community life and in relationships between spouses.


Yael focuses on  women's condition in modern times. In her paintings she describes a community of women from her personal environment, who support each other in the critical stages of their development. They gather in circles of women where they meet and support one another at times of passing such as before getting married, before giving birth, when summoning a life partner and more.


Yael's artistic language is associated with the tradition of figurative painting, using oil on canvas. In her work you can identify different series that include an expressive lyrical style and a realistic expression of the passing moment.She has exhibited in solo exhibitions and various group exhibitions in Israel, including the Fresh Paint Fair 2017.

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Artist statment

The painting contains layers of complexity, I choose to reveal the change, the imperfection, the process of my personal understanding.

A collection of moments as an ongoing present, within which I try to create a hierarchy and prioritize the parts that are important to me.

I deal with the question of how to create harmony, balance, a colorful and tonal atmosphere.

My work, on the one hand, is traditional and relies on the history of art, in connection with the Romantic period with lyrical expressive influences, And on the other hand is aimed at contemporary cultural collective layers.

In the act of painting I look at the heart of an occurrence, emphasizing what is between the everyday and the spiritual / ceremonial. I like to indulge in my works moments of prayer, shared or individual.

There is a beauty that exists in the simple appearance of things and interpretation can be on the one hand despair and on the other a kind of mystical ritual.

The people I choose to depict are in the transition stage between single individuals and young families,

new parents, I choose to address these transitions.

The characters depicted are contemporary, with different characteristics of the epoch in which I live.

From a female perspective I tell a story about human intimacy and ritualism, exploring states of connection between people and essence.

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